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Is there evidence of significant levels of segregation between minority groups and the majority population?

Key Area:
Housing & Segregation
Racism, Discrimination
16/01/2012 - 23:21
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According to data from the a addendum of the National Strategy of Social Inclusion, minimum 284.269, maximum 315.085 persons live in segragated neighborhoods and significant majority of them is Roma. 60% of Roma lives in the countryside in villages, most of them in segragated neigbourhoods, where housing and infrastructure is generally poor. According to relevant researches, there are approximatedly 100 settlements which have ultimately become poor-Roma ghettos and 200 more where seemingly unstoppable processes will lead to the same result in the near future.

‘Nemzeti társadalmi felzárkóztatási stratégia – mélyszegénység, gyerekszegénység, romák – (2011-2020)’ [National Social Integration Strategy – Extreme Poverty, Child Poverty, the Roma – (2011-2020), Annex 1, available in English at

Groups affected/interested Roma & Travelers
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Key socio-economic / Institutional Areas Housing
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