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Are there political parties that express racist or xenophobic sentiments/discourse in the form of hate speech or promote an anti-migrant and/or anti-minority agenda?

Key Area:
Political Parties-organisations - Racist & Xenophobic Discourse
12/03/2012 - 08:38
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Qualitative Info

Jobbik, a far right party, running on an anti-Roma racist and anti-Semitic agenda has 17% of the seats in the 2010-2014 parliament. The party self-consciously uses the term ‘Roma criminality’ (cigánybűnözés) to emphasize their openly racist view according to which there is a causal link (or at least correlation) between ethnic background and levels of criminality. In 2010 MPs of Jobbik proposed a piece of legislation that would criminalize ‘the denial of Roma criminality’ defined as an act of ‘denying or minimizing the significance of a widely-known social phenomenon’[1].

Jobbik is also well-known for its public manifestations of anti-Semitism, during a demonstration in November 2010, leading members of the party placed a kipa on the statue of Hungary’s left-wing Prime Minister, Mihály Károlyi (in office in 1918-1919)[2].

[1] ‘Börtönt kér a Jobbik a cigánybűnözés tagadóinak’ [‘Jobbik calls for the imprisonment of those who deny Roma criminality] Népszabadság, 15. 09. 2010 (Date of access: 20. 02. 2012)

[2] ‘Tüntet a Jobbik - kipát raktak Károlyi fejére’ [Jobbik protests – They placed a kipa on Károlyi’s head], Hírszerző.hu, 16. 11. 2010., (Date of access: 20. 02. 2012)


Represented in government/parliament?
Groups affected/interested Roma & Travelers, Religious minorities
Type (R/D) Anti-semitism, Anti-roma/zinghanophobia
Key socio-economic / Institutional Areas
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