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Primary education population of pupils with Roma parents

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Migration & Minority Demographics/Statistics
Demographics & Economics
26/02/2012 - 23:23
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No official statistical data available.

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According to the NFP report, existing data concerning Roma enrolment in Greece in the past years have not been reliable: Roma pupils are not recorded systematically in school registers, while some schools have reported that Roma enrol simply in order to collect an annual education benefit, but do not actually attend classes. A 1998 - 1999 survey42 showed that 69.7 per cent of the sample aged 18 - 47 had never attended school, while only 10 per cent completed primary education, 2.1 per cent compulsory education and 0.9 per cent higher secondary education; 42.6 per cent of parents stated that their children attend school, but none in secondary education. Among the reasons given for not attending school 29.7 per cent suggested the racist behaviour of teachers, pupils and their parents.

Source: EUMC (2006), Roma and Travellers in Public Education: An overview of the situation in the EU Member States.

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Groups affected/interested Roma & Travelers
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