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Is there evidence of increased morbidity rates for minority and migrant groups?

Key Area:
Health And Social Protection
Discrimination, Equality
25/01/2013 - 13:50
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According to data from the German Microcensus the morbidity rate has increased in general and for all groups between 2005 and 2009. During this period of time, the rate increased by 18 per cent for persons with a migration background and by 19 per cent for foreigners, whereas the rate for persons without a migration background increased only by 15 per cent. While the morbidity rate for the whole population with a migration background (12.1 per cent) is lower than the morbidity rate of the German population without a migration background (14.5 per cent), the population with a migration background has a higher morbidity rate among the middle and higher age groups [1, 2].

A report on morbidity and mortality of migrants in Germany (2011) shows that some migrant groups (refugees, asylum-seekers, late repatriate, migrants from Turkey and Eastern Europe) are facing higher risks of certain diseases such as infectious and parasitic diseases. They also suffer diseases such as cancer caused by a higher concentration of harmful substances or environmental pollutants in the country of origin [3]. Besides they are also at higher risk of psychological problems. Poor mental and physical health is caused by uncertainty about the future, long-term detention, lack of information and isolation from family members and friends [4].



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Groups affected/interested Migrants, Roma & Travelers, Ethnic minorities, Religious minorities, Linguistic minorities, National minorities
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Key socio-economic / Institutional Areas Health and social protection
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