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Sport: Racism, racist violence and hate speech in sporting venues (and reporting and policing thereof)?

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Public Life, Culture, Sport & Media
28/02/2012 - 17:28
Short Answer

Yes, there are incidents of racism, racist violence and hate speech in sporting venues. In Germany, racism, xenophobia and anti-semitism in sports are predominately perceived as problems in football.


Qualitative Info

Various incidents and expert assessments indicate a strong connection between racism and right-wing extremism in football, particularly in amateur football. The most pressing problem of racism, xenophobia and anti-semitism in amateur football are the numerous cases of racist misconduct of fans and spectators against players and/or fans of the opposing team. Most affected by these various incidents are, on the individual level, players with dark skin and/or a non-German background as well as, on the team level, migrant football clubs, which are nowadays mostly characterised by a multi-ethnic mix of players.

Furthermore, sport federations, fan organisations and other experts have been warning that neo-Nazi and other right-wing extremist organisations have been systematically using football and other sports for their political agitation, recruitment and related purposes – beyond their sole involvement as fans and/or hooligans.


Peucker Mario (2009), Racism, xenophobia and structural discrimination in sports, Country Report Germany,


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