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Media: Are there positive measures for promoting or restrictions for Migrant and minority media?

Key Area:
Public Life, Culture, Sport & Media
Discrimination, Equality
25/01/2013 - 11:35
Short Answer

There are single positive measures for promoting and no restrictions for migrant and minority media.

Qualitative Info

According to Sec. 5 of the German constitution everyone has the right to express their opinion. There are no restrictions on the freedom of press for minorities and migrants.

There are examples that support especially pupils and students with a migration background to study and work in the media industry (e.g. “Medienvielfalt, anders” and “WDR grenzenlos”). Special internships, scholarships or just the chance to gain a look into this professional field is offered. The aim is to enrich the different medias like tv, internet and printed media with topics relevant for migrants and interesting for non-migrants.


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