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Are there examples of good practices and positive initiatives against discrimination/racism at the workplace?

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Discrimination, Equality
04/01/2012 - 13:50
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For four years, the HALDE has been developing a dialogue with major French companies through an annual survey which offers an overview of the fight against discrimination. In 2009, 174 out of the 280 contacted companies have sent a reply. The results of this survey have been published in 2010 and allow to locate some good practices put in place by these companies (especially in the hiring process, where more than 25% of the companies which have participated in this survey concerning discrimination  and responded to questions). However, it has to be noted that only 10% of the reported actions concern the fight against origin-based discrimination.

For three years, the HALDE has been developing the same process with employment intermediaries (agencies, proposing temporary jobs, recruitment agencies, employment public service). In 2009, 143 out of the 200 contacted intermediaries have sent a reply. The results of this survey have been published in 2010 and let see significant advance in the fight against discrimination within these employment intermediary structures (for exemple, 82% of them, against 70% in 2007, put the non-discrimination principle on their communication media, and 62%, against 48% in 2007, insert information about discrimination into their contracts).

For the first time in 2009, the Halde has polled the local authorities (regional councils, departmental councils, large city councils) on their practices as employers. 104 out of the contacted authorities have replied. The results published in 2010 show that  31% of them implement specific actions to raise the antidiscrimination awareness of employees in charge of the hiring process.

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