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Is there legislation against racist and hate crime?

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Anti-racist Crime Legislation & Implementation
27/12/2011 - 13:45
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The Penal Code prohibits genocide; deportation, enslavement or the massive and systematic practice of summary executions, abduction of persons followed by their disappearance, of torture or inhuman acts, motivated by political, philosophical, racial or religious motives, and organised in pursuit of a concerted plan against a section of a civil population; discrimination is prohibited on the grounds of origin, sex, family situation, physical appearance or patronymic, state of health, handicap, genetic characteristics, sexual morals or orientation, age, political opinions, union activities, or membership or non-membership, true or supposed, of a given ethnic group, nation, race or religion.

The Act of 29 July 1881 on freedom of the press prohibits incitement to discrimination, hatred and violence by reason of membership or non-membership of a given nation, race or religion, of sex,sexual orientation, handicap; efforts to justify war crimes and crimes against humanity; racial, national, religious defamation and defamation on the basis of gender, sexual orientation, or disability; racial, national, religious insult or insult on the basis of gender, sexual orientation, or disability.

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