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What is the general law provision for naturalisation?

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Political & Civic Participation
27/02/2012 - 11:28
Short Answer

The provisions regarding Finnish citizenship are found in the Constitution of FInland and the Finnish Nationality Act.

Qualitative Info

A person may be naturalised, if he/she meets the following requirements: is 18 years of age or marries before turning 18, has been permanently resident and domiciled in Finland for the past five years without interruption (continuous period of residence) or a total of seven years since he/she turned 15, with two of these years without interruption (accumulated period of residence), has not committed any punishable act other than one subject to a petty fine or been placed under a restraining order, has not failed to pay maintenance or debt under public law (taxes, fines etc.), can provide a reliable account of his/her livelihood, has satisfactory oral and written skills in Finnish or Swedish language or knows Finnish or Swedish sign language. The requirements regarding years of permanent stay can be lowered to 4 years, if the applicant meets the language skills requirements and has close ties to Finland. The language requirements can be lowered in the case of applicants over the age of 65 or certain health problems.

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