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What is the ethnic origin of the highly segregated minority group?

Key Area:
Housing & Segregation
Racism, Discrimination
27/01/2012 - 12:08
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Qualitative Info

The Roma is the only minority group that is segregated, not only from the majority population but also from the other minority groups. This is partly due to the housing policy followed by the government which provides for free accomodation for the Roma in settlements especially set up for them, usually in remote areas in order to avoid reactions from the local population; and partly due to the fact that the rest of the locals generally do not want to be residing close to the Roma. There is no quantitative data as regards their degree of seggregation. Their remote housing also affects thier access to education, as suggested by various studies and equality body reports [].

Group Roma
Groups affected/interested Roma & Travelers
Type (R/D) Anti-roma/zinghanophobia
Key socio-economic / Institutional Areas Housing
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