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Do the trade unions engage in specific activities recruiting or supporting/defending the rights of minority groups?

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27/01/2012 - 12:25
Short Answer

No, although one trade union has traditionally good relations with Turkish Cypriots.

Qualitative Info

The Pancyprian Federation of Labour (PEO), the largest trade union confederation which is attached to the communist party AKEL has traditionally good relations with Turkish Cypriots and even employes some Turkish Cypriots as trade unionists. It does not engage in any specific activities to recruit or suport thier rights, but it does offer training, carry out awareness raising activities and defend thier rights vis-a-vis the employer on an ad hoc basis.    (Note: Turkish Cypriots cannot properly be described as a minority group- they are recognised by the Constitution as a 'community', just like the Greek Cypriots. The reference in this paragraph is to those Turkish Cypriots who either reside in the south (very small in number) or cross the checkpoints on a daily basis in order to work in the south)

Groups affected/interested Ethnic minorities
Type (R/D)
Key socio-economic / Institutional Areas Employment - labour market
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