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Media: Are there positive measures for promoting or restrictions for minority and lesser used language in the media?

Key Area:
Public Life, Culture, Sport & Media
Discrimination, Equality
16/01/2012 - 13:51
Short Answer

There are positive measures for promoting minority languages in the media, but the range of the measures is not equal in the case of all minority languages.

Qualitative Info

Positive measures for promoting minority languages in the media include regular programming in Hungarian and Italian language at national public service broadcasting, and also print media in these two minority languages.

Roma language in the media is also promoted through the national broadcasting organisation, but with purpose to reach national audiences and bridge differences between Roma dialects the radio program for Roma is bilingual where Slovenian language often dominates. Roma language is also promoted through programming of local Roma radio station "Romic" and journals and newsletters published by Roma associations.

In all above mentioned cases the state is providing financial support for promotion of minority languages and protection of national identity of the above mentioned minority communities in Slovenia (Italian, Hungarian and Roma).

Minority languages such as Bosnian, Croatian, Serbian and other languages of minorities from former Yugoslavia are not promoted in that way in the media, only through rare radio programming of student radio stations in Ljubljana and Maribor, or through web media, print journals and newsletters (which receive some small funding from the state).

The reports of the Expert Committee of the Council of Europe within evaluation of the implementation of the European Charter for Regional or Minority Languages have been critical to the Slovenian government in relation to promotion and protection of Serbian, Croatian and Bosnian language in Slovenia, referring to the need for better presence and promotion of the minority languages in the media.

The media regulation stipulates restriction for publishers and brodcasters registered in Slovenia to publish or broacast  media content in  other languages than official Slovenian language without translation (except for Italian and Hungarian languages on the specific territory). Exception is made in the regulation in the case if the programming is primarily intended for readers, listeners or viewers from other language group.


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