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Non governmental organisations whose principal objectives relate to opposing/undermining racism and racist activity

Key Area:
Anti-racist Policies & Organisations
16/02/2012 - 19:21
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Qualitative Info

Romani CRISS,

Pro Europe League,

Center for Legal Resources,


Policy Center for Roma and Minorities,

“Impreuna” Agency for Community Development,

Civil Alliance of Roma from Romania,


Ethnocultural Diversity Resource Center,

Foundation Center of Resources for Roma Communities.


The following organizations signed a joint position with regards to the national strategy for Roma inclusion, 2011:


Alliance for the Unity of Roma (Alianta pentru Unitatea Romilor), 

"Equal Chances" Association (Asociatia „Sanse Egale”),

Roma Association (Asociatia Romilor),

Roma Association for Migration "R.O.M." (Asociatia Romilor pentru Migratie “R.O.M”), 

Social Democratic Association of Roma from Ardeal (Asociatia Social – Democrata a Romilor Ardeleni), 

"Equal Chances" Roma Association of Tulcea (Asociatia Rromilor '' Egalitate de Sanse '' Tulcea), 

Romani's Chrestian Center (Centrul Crestin al Romilor), 

Technical Assistance Center for Non-profit Organisations (Centrul de Asistenta Tehnica pentru Organizatii Nonprofit), 

Center for the Promotion of Young Roma (Centrul pentru Promovarea Tinerilor Romi),

Romani's Center "Amare Rromentza" (Centrul Rromilor "Amare Rromentza"),

Foundation for the Development of the Civil Society (Fundatia pentru Dezvoltarea Societatii Civile),

Ramses Foundation (Fundatia Ramses),

Roma Education Fund of Romania (Fundatia Roma Education Fund Romania), 

Soros Foundation (Fundatia SOROS), 

Public Policies Institute (Institutul pentru Politici Publice), 

National Union of Roma Communities (Uniunea Nationala a Comunitatilor de Rromi),

Ruhama Foundation of Oradea (Fundatia Ruhama Oradea),

Alliance for Romani's Unity - Braila Branch (Alianta pentru Unitatea Romilor – Filiala Braila),

Association "Roma Access" of Constanta (Asociatia „Roma Access” Constanta), 

Association of "Romascani Roma" of Neamt (Asociatia “Romii Romascani” Neamt), 

Association of Ursari Roma of Iasi (Asociatia Romii Ursari Iasi), 

"Equal Chances for Women and Children" Association of Salaj (Asociatia „Sanse Egale pentru Femei si Copii” Salaj),

"Equal Chances" Association of Salaj (Asociatia „Sanse Egale” Salaj), 

"Equal Chances for Roma and Sinti ADOSERS" Association for the Defence of Human Rights of Salaj (Asociatia pentru Apararea Drepturilor Omului „Sanse Egale pentru Romi si Sinti ADOSERS” Salaj),

Thumende Association of Hunedoara (Asociatia Thumende Hunedoara),

"O Del Amenca" Cultural Center of Prahova (Centrul Cultural „O Del Amenca” Prahova),

"INTER-ACTIVA" Agency for Community Development of Botosani (Agentia de Dezvoltare Comunitara „INTER-ACTIVA” Botosani), 

"Divano Romano" Association of Botosani (Asociatia „Divano Romano” Botosani), 

"Parudimos" Association of Timisoara (Asociatia „Parudimos” Timisoara),

Roma Journalists' Association (Asociatia Jurnalistilor Rromi, Bucuresti),

T.R.U.S.T. Association - Young Roma for Unity, Solidarity and Transparence of Craiova (Asociatia T.R.U.S.T. – Tinerii Romi pentru Unitate, Solidaritate si Transparenta Craiova),

Amare Phrala Association of Cluj (Asociatia Amare Phrala, Cluj), 

Rhoma Heart Ilo Rom Association of Brasov (Asociatia Rhoma Heart Ilo Rom, Brasov),

Nevo Parudimos Association of Caras Severin (Asociatia Nevo Parudimos Caras Severin), 

Romano Suno Association of Cluj (Asociatia Romano Suno Cluj),

Florists' Association of Bucharest (Asociatia Florarilor Bucuresti), 

Alliance for Romani Unity in Romania of Bucharest (Alianta pentru Unitatea Romilor Romania Bucuresti),

Cultural Democratic Union of Roma of Valea Jiului, Hunedoara (Uniunea Democratica Culturala a Romilor Valea Jiului Hunedoara), 

Wassdas Foundation of Cluj (Fundatia Wassdas Cluj),

Ruhama Foundation (Fundatia Ruhama)

2008 Generation Association (Asociatia Generatia 2008), 

Romani Women for Our Childen Association (Asociatia Femeilor Rome Pentru Copiii Nostri), 

Young Romani's Association (Asociatia Tinerilor Romi),

„Zurale Terne”, 

Hope and Trust Association (Asociatia Speranta si incredere).

Groups affected/interested Roma & Travelers, Ethnic minorities, National minorities
Type (R/D) Inter-ethnic, Anti-roma/ romaphobia
Key socio-economic / Institutional Areas
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