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Trafficking victims identified/protected

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15/02/2012 - 16:16
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1048 identified for 2011

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The National Agency Against Trafficking of Persons (Agenţia Naţională Împotriva Traficului de Persoane) records data about trafficking.

In its report regarding the first semester of 2011, the Agency reported that 488 victims of trafficking were identified (341 women and 147 men). This represents 29% more than the numbers registered the previous year, for the same period of time. [1]

Another Agency publication analyzing the situation of victims of trafficking in 2011 reports a number of 1048 victims, with 9% less (106) than in 2010.  [2]

The US Department of State Trafficking in Persons report for Romania states the following:

"The government reported the identification of 1,043 victims in 2011, compared with 1,154 victims identified in 2010. Of those identified, 417 were referred to public institutions for victim assistance; in 2010, 451 victims of trafficking received government-funded services. One hundred and twenty-three trafficking victims received government-funded shelter in 2011, of which 36 were housed in trafficking-specific shelters and 87 were housed in shelters for domestic violence or homeless shelters. NGOs reported that government shelters restricted trafficking victims’ autonomy and freedom of movement. The government did not provide access to trafficking shelters for adult male victims of trafficking, though nine men were housed in non-trafficking shelters. Other trafficking victims received medical help, financial assistance, vocational assistance, or psychological help. NGOs questioned the quality of these services; at times, psychological assistance consisted of a single visit to a counselor, rather than meaningful care. Similarly, rehabilitation of child victims highly vulnerable to re-trafficking sometimes consisted of only one or two visits by social workers." [3]


[1]National Agency Against Trafficking of Persons (Agenţia Naţională Împotriva Traficului de Persoane), Analysis on the situation of victims identified in the first semester 2011, p.3, available at (Accessed on 14.02.2012).

[2] National Agency Against Trafficking of Persons (Agenţia Naţională Împotriva Traficului de Persoane), Evaluarea anuală privind situaţia traficului de persoane 2011 (Analysis on the situation of trafficking of persons 2011), p. 4, available at (Accessed on 23.01.2013).

[3] US Department of State, 2012 Trafficking in persons report Romania, available at: (accessed at: 25.02.2013)

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