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Overall Settled Minorities' Population

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Migration & Minority Demographics/Statistics
Demographics & Economics
13/03/2012 - 16:59
Short Answer

11 per cent of the total

Qualitative Info

According to provisional results of the 2011 census, the proportion of the population which has not declared to be of Romanian ethnicity is of around 11 per cent (88.6% are Romanian and 0.3% did not declare their ethnicity )

The most numerous minorities, in rounded figures are:

Hungarians: 1,238,000 (6.5%)

Roma: 619,000 (3.2%)

Ukrainians: 51,700

Germans: 36,900

Turks: 28,200

Russian-Lippovans: 23,900

Tartars: 20,500


The rest are under 20,000.




Cristian Andrei, RECENSAMANTUL POPULATIEI, PRIMELE REZULTATE. Cati romani sunt, cati etnici maghiari si cat de mare este minoritatea roma (THE POPULATION CENSUS, FIRST RESULTS. How many Romanians are there, how many Hungarian ethnics and how big is the Roma minority.), in, 02.02.2012, available at: (Accessed on 13.03.2012)

% of country population 11
Official or estimates
Main groups Hungarians, Roma, Ukrainians, Germans, Turks, Russian-Lipovans, Tartars
Groups affected/interested Roma & Travelers, National minorities
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