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Is there evidence of significant disparities between the number of racist incidents and crimes reported and the numbers of racist incidents and crimes recorded by police authorities?

Key Area:
Policing - Law Enforcement - Justice
Racism, Discrimination
27/02/2012 - 15:15
Short Answer

Evidence exists of significant underreporting of instances of racist incidents and crimes.

Qualitative Info

In 2011, the Immigrant Council of Ireland released 'Taking Racism Seriously: Migrants’ Experiences of Violence, Harassment and Anti-social Behaviour in the Dublin Area'

The research, funded by Dublin City Council, explored the experiences of people accessing the ICI’s anti-racism support services, a number of case studies and focus group interviews with Asian healthcare workers, Dublin Bus drivers and the LUAS’s revenue protection officers

As part of this research it was identified that there is a significant difference between the experiences of individuals in terms of racist instances and crimes and what is being reported to the authorities. Read the report here.

Groups affected/interested Migrants, Refugees, Roma & Travelers, Muslims, Ethnic minorities, Religious minorities, Asylum seekers, Africans/black people
Type (R/D) Anti-migrant/xenophobia, Islamophobia, Afrophobia, Arabophobia, Anti-roma/zinghanophobia, Religious intolerance, Anti-roma/ romaphobia, Xenophobia
Key socio-economic / Institutional Areas Anti-discrimination, Anti-racism
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