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Non governmental organisations whose principal objectives relate to opposing/undermining racism and racist activity

Key Area:
Anti-racist Policies & Organisations
29/02/2012 - 14:25
Short Answer

The following are NGOs in Ireland whose principal objectives relate to opposing racism: Immigrant Council of Ireland, Equality and Rights Alliance, LIR Anti Racism Training and Education, Integration Centre, Sport Against Racism Ireland and the Anti-Racism Network amongst others.

Qualitative Info

In January 2011 the NGO Alliance against Racism, published its fourth periodic review of Ireland under the UN International Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination. The NGO alliance Against Racism is a network of over fifty non-governmental organisations working on a broad range of anti-racist, community and human rights issues and provides a fairly comprehensive list of NGOs in Ireland that deal with the Issue of Racism.

Groups affected/interested
Type (R/D) Extremism - organised Racist Violence, Anti-migrant/xenophobia, Anti-semitism, Islamophobia, Afrophobia, Arabophobia, Anti-roma/zinghanophobia, Religious intolerance, Inter-ethnic, Intra-ethnic, Nationalism, Homophobia, Anti-roma/ romaphobia, Xenophobia
Key socio-economic / Institutional Areas Policing - law enforcement, Employment - labour market, Housing, Health and social protection, Education, Culture, Media, Internet, Sport, Political discourse -parties - orgs, Political participation, Anti-discrimination, Anti-racism, Integration - social cohesion, Daily life
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