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Have public servants been reported as being perpetrators of racist violence/hate crime?

Key Area:
Anti-racist Crime Legislation & Implementation
28/02/2012 - 18:15
Short Answer

So far there have been no incidents of such violence, however there has been a high profile incident wherein the former mayor of Naas, Darren Scully, was forced to resign after saying in an interview that he would not represent black Africans in his constituency. Despite resigning under pressure Darren Scully was not removed from the Fine Gael party as a result.

Qualitative Info

Darren Scully’s comment: "I made a decision that I was not going to take on representations from Africans. I've said that I would be very courteous to them and that I would pass on their query to other public representatives who would take their concerns." For full quotations visit:

Groups affected/interested Migrants, Refugees, Roma & Travelers, Muslims, Ethnic minorities, Religious minorities, Linguistic minorities, Majority, Asylum seekers, Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender, Persons with disability, Africans/black people, National minorities
Type (R/D) Extremism - organised Racist Violence, Anti-migrant/xenophobia, Anti-semitism, Islamophobia, Afrophobia, Arabophobia, Anti-roma/zinghanophobia, Inter-ethnic, Intra-ethnic, Nationalism, On grounds of disability, Anti-roma/ romaphobia, Xenophobia
Key socio-economic / Institutional Areas Policing - law enforcement, Health and social protection, Culture, Media, Political discourse -parties - orgs, Political participation, Anti-discrimination, Anti-racism, Integration - social cohesion, Daily life
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