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Practical obstacles and evidence of problems and differential enrollment rates for certain minorities?

Key Area:
Discrimination, Equality
23/12/2011 - 13:41
Short Answer

Unequal access to education is still a problem faced by children originating from the Roma Community.

Qualitative Info

There is no data on different enrolment rates for members of minority groups. Evidence about obstacles in access to equal education is obtained by research based on self assessmenst of Roma organisations. Findings show that Roma children are more often attending special schools than members of majority population and their representation in higher level education is still disproportionally low. The Advisory Council moreover points at a tendency to under-achieve among Roma pupils and recommends the implementation of comprehensive measures aiming at integration in the classroom.


Austria Raxen National Focal Point (2004): Analytical Report in Education.

Advisory Committe on the Framework Convention for the Protection of National Minorities. Third Opinion on Austria adopted on 28 June 2011.


Groups affected/interested Roma & Travelers, Ethnic minorities
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Key socio-economic / Institutional Areas Education
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