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Trafficking victims identified/protected

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10/01/2012 - 12:30
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Data related to human trafficking are published in

- the annual Kriminalitätsbericht (crime report) published by the Ministry of Interior. According to criminal report 2009, 32 cases were reported to the police and thereof 31 cases were solved on grounds of Sec. 104 (Human trafficking) of the Criminal Code. Furthermore, 8 cases were reported to the police and 7 cases solved according to Sec. 116 (Exploitation of a Foreigner) and 43 cases reported and 42 cases solved according to Sec. 217 (Trafficking in prostitutes) of the Criminal Code.

- the NGO LEFÖ (a feminist migrant women’s organization as a reflection of women’s migration in Austria) provides counseling for women being victims of human trafficking. In 2009 LEFÖ supervised and counseled 182 women, in 2010 the number of women requiring these services was 242.


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