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Overall Settled Minorities' Population

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18/12/2011 - 14:19
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In Austria there are six acknowledged autochthonous minorities: Slovenian in Carinthia and Styria, Croatian in Burgenland and Vienna, Hungarian in Burgenland and Vienna, Roma in Burgenland, Czeck in Vienna and Slovakian in Vienna. According to the population census of 2001 there were 17,953 Slovenians, 19,374 Burgenland-Croatians, 25,884 Hungarians, 4,348 Roma, 11,035 Czechs and 3,343 Slovakians.

Concerning persons with migration background (foreign citizens born in a foreign country, foreign citizens born in Austria and Austrians born in a foreign country) there are 432,718 persons from the former Yugoslavia (without Slovenia) and 184,815 persons with Turkish origin living in Austria.

The religious denomination of the Austrian populatio is as follows: 5,915,421 Roman Catholics, 376,150 Protestants, 14,621 Old Catholics, 8,140 Jews, 338,988 Muslims and 255,681 others.


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