Attacks against Roma in Hungary: January 2008-September 2012

The following is a list of 61 attacks against Roma and/or their property in Hungary between January 2008 and September 2012. It was last updated: 1 October 2012.
This list of attacks is not exhaustive and does not address the State response to the attacks. Information on the State response to a selection of these incidents can be found in the ERRC report “Imperfect Justice: Anti-Roma Violence and Impunity”.
This information is compiled from media and NGO reports. The ERRC has not independently verified all of the information contained in these reports and does not take any position as to the potential bias motivation of these attacks.
Important facts:
- the attacks took a total of nine lives, including two minors;
- the attacks left dozens of people with injuries, ten of which were life-threatening;
- at least twelve cases Molotov cocktails were used against Romani people and/or their property, in two cases hand grenades;
- in at least 16 cases shots were fired; and
- in at least 19 cases Romani property was vandalised.