Immigrant Citizens Survey (ICS)

The survey covered the following countries and cities:
• Belgium (Antwerp, Brussels, Liège)
• France (Lyon and Paris)
• Germany (Berlin and Stuttgart)
• Hungary (Budapest)
• Italy (Milan and Naples)
• Portugal (Faro, Lisbon, and Setubal)
• Spain (Barcelona and Madrid)

Each section tackled a different area of integration:
• Employment
• Languages
• Civic and political participation
• Family reunion
• Long-term residence
• Citizenship

Each section posed the same types of questions to immigrants as past or potential beneficiaries of different policies and services:
• Background characteristics
• Current level of satisfaction
• Future aspirations
• Awareness of policy
• Reasons against participation
• Problems with participation
• Perceived effects on their lives



  • Thomas Huddleston and Jasper Dag Tjaden, with the support of Louise Callier, May 2012, Immigrant Citizens Survey: How immigrants experience integration in 15 European cities, King Baudouin Foundation, Brussels, and the Migration Policy Group, Brussels,, Accessed on 27.01.2013.