Youth and Sexual Diversity 1

    Youth and Sexual Diversity 2

The poll, conducted among 1411 people between 15 and 29 years of age, reveals that according to those with a minority sexual orientation the main problem encountered relates to them feeling comfortable to openly declare their sexual orientation. This is consistent with another of the findings of the survey: a great majority of the interviewees have witnessed homophobic attitudes. The survey also reveals that among the 87 young individuals within this sample who declared to be homosexual, 44% of the boys and 24% of the girls stated having felt discriminated on this ground.In terms of conclusions, it must be said that data on this issue are still scarce in Spain. In addition to the Barcelona-based special prosecutor, there are other sources that report about specific examples of discrimination or aggressions, however without providing any quantitative estimates. In addition, it can be said that although in Spain there is a growing acceptation of minority sexual orientations, discrimination and prejudices persist.

You can see a video with some results of the survey: