Una stagione all'inferno - Rapporto sulle condizioni degli immigrati impiegati in agricoltura nelle regioni del Sud Italia

Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) chose the title “A Season in Hell” because it reflects the experience of thousands of migrants as they make their way between regions in the southern Italian countryside seeking employment as seasonal workers in the agricultural sector. To find gainful employment, migrants have no choice other than to accept miserable pay, poor living conditions and exclusion from the surrounding community. The plight of these migrants is a skeleton in the closet of mayors, state forces, labour departments, protection associations and ministries who are aware of the situation yet keep quiet on the subject. The use of low-cost labour, illegal recruitment, the denial of acceptable living conditions and the lack of access to medical care are all known and tolerated; national and local institutions turn a blind eye to the massive exploitation of foreigners in the agricultural sector in the south because their labour is required to sustain local economies. The aim of this report is two-fold: to express MSF’s dissatisfaction with the deplorable state of affairs that harms the dignity of migrants and to safeguard the fundamental right of access to healthcare.