The report utilises and combines different sources of information such as recent research findings and statistics, legislative changes and court cases, as well as important events and projects within the field of antidiscrimination.

The report covers discrimination on the grounds of age, disability, sexual orientation, language, health, ethnic origin and religion. Gender is taken into account as a crosscutting issue, but gender discrimination is also examined in detail in one chapter, as well as in sub-chapters. First, discrimination is defined for the purposes of this report and examined in terms of different modes of discrimination. Anti-discrimination legislation is presented from the point of view of existing legislation and of forthcoming legislative amendments. Court cases pertaining to discrimination are examined in detail on the basis of information obtained from the judicial authorities.

Issues pertaining to discrimination in education are dealt with in the context of rights of different minority groups, bullying and gender discrimination. Discrimination in employment is examined from the point of view of immigrants, Roma and the disabled people. Also, an important issue examined in the chapter on employment is discrimination on the grounds of gender for the reason that such discrimination is according to statistics commonplace in particular in employment.

The provision of goods and services concerns various types of incidents of discrimination. Information of these incidents was collected through a questionnaire sent to several non-governmental organisations. Particular emphasis is on discrimination in housing and sport.