This report reviews suspected hate crimes reported to the police in Finland in 2009. The statistics are based on crime reports retrieved from the national police information system. In the report, hate crime is defined as a crime against a person, group, somebody's property, institution, or a representative of these, motivated by prejudice or hostility towards the victim's real or perceived ethnic or national origin, religion or belief, sexual orientation, transgender identity or appearance, or disability.

In 2009, there were 860 suspected hate crime cases reported to the police. The number is 17 per cent higher than in 2008, when 859 cases were identified. In 2009, altogether 85 per cent of the reports were classified as cases of racist crime. Cases of hate crime motivated by the religious background of the victim constituted 8 per cent, hate crime motivated by sexual orientation 3 per cent, and hate crime motivated by disability constituted 3 per cent.