the European Commission is publishing the first report on the application of the Charter, since it became legally binding for EU institutions and national authorities when they implement EU law.

As part of its efforts to make fundamental rights a reality for all citizens in the EU, the European Commission is reporting for the first time on how the Charter is being applied in EU Member States. This report gives a comprehensive overview of the scope and limitations of fundamental rights obligations under EU law, while identifying many challenges.

In his speech, FRA Director Morten Kjaerum says "firstly, people face day to day difficulties in enjoying their rights; secondly, many people do not know what their fundamental rights are and where to turn for help when these rights are violated and finally, it is important to ensure that fundamental rights are dealt with as close to home as possible".

As Viviane Reding, the EU's Justice Commissioner emphasises, "to make the Charter work in practice, people need to know their rights and how to apply them so that justice can be done". However, according to a recent survey by the European Ombudsman, 72 percent of Europeans do not feel well informed about the Charter.

This report is aimed at helping citizens determine where to turn when they think that their fundamental rights have been violated by an EU institution or a national authority. It also identifies the top issues regarding fundamental rights raised by the public and others in the past year: personal data protection, access to justice, integration of the Roma and equality.

In order to review progress in implementing the charter and to provide for regular exchanges of views with the European Parliament and the Council, the Commission will draw up annual reports on the application of the charter

Read more in the European Commission's press release.

Find the full report here.


  • Speaking points - FRA Director Morten Kjaerum  English  application/pdf (PDF File 26 KB)
  • Press release by the European Commission  EnglishDeutschfran.ais  application/pdf (PDF File 231 KB)
  • 2010 Report on the Application of the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights  English  application/pdf (PDF File 1100 KB)