The case concerned I. M., a Netto shop cashier, who was mocked at and called names by the shop manager after he found out about the homosexual orientation of his employee. A year later, Ireneusz was fired without a justifiable reason. The District Court in Gorzów Wielkopolski passed a sentence which was supposed to make the cashier be granted compensation of 18,000 PLN (approximately 4,500 EUR), which is worth 12 monthly salaries. In its justification, the Court stated that I. M. was humiliated a number of times by the shop manager who mocked and laughed at him also in front of the customers. “The sentense is a clear warning to other employers. They are especially in charge of taking care about the workplace so that there was no incidents of discrimination on any ground” - said the vice-president of District Court in Gorzów. The shop's management accepted the sentence; the compensation is going to be paid as soon as possible. The manager, having heard the sentence, submitted his resignation.