Following numerous Roma camps evacuations that took place from July 2012 in Seine-Saint-Denis, Lyon, Lille, Evry, Marseille, leading to the displacement of 2000-3000 people, four circulars aiming to respond to Roma precarious situations were signed:

26 August 2012 – the inter - ministerial circular on anticipation and accompanying of illegal camps evacuation.
According to the circular, the use of emergency accommodation should be sought prior to the evacuation. In some cases the construction of a temporary reception site can be considered in order to stabilize the situation of Roma and to promote their integration.

12 September 2012 - three circulars of the Ministry of Education.
The first circular aims to encourage regular attendance at school and to improve the education of students from homeless and Travellers’ families. The second circular refers to the schools’ obligation to accept children from such families. The third circular defines the missions and organization of academic centers for the education of newcomers and Travellers’ children created in 2002 (Casnav).