Minister of Public Order and Citizen's Protection, Nikos Dendias, announced on 29.10.2012 the creation of specialized services of the Greek Police across the country, to combat racist violence. The new sections will start from Athens and Thessaloniki and then throughout the country. In addition, a hotline for complaints on racist incidents is to be created. 

Personnel will intervene ex officio or upon a complaint or a lawsuit. It will also collect and analyze data on the investigated offenses, keep a racist violence database, oversee areas where there is a high risk of developping racist incidents, inform victims on their rights and produce each year a report on investigated incidents.


  • To Vima, 29.10.2012, Μέτρα αντιμετώπισης της ρατσιστικής βίας παρουσίασε ο Ν. Δένδιας (Measures to combat racist violence presented by N. Dendias),, Accessed on 30.10.2012.