5 October 2012 - The Constitutional Council examined the 1969 Law on the regime applicable to persons traveling in France without a fixed domicile or residence. People without fixed domicile or residence for more than six months must hold specific papers for circulation. According to the Council, this restriction was imposed in order to identify and find these individuals for civil, social, administrative or judicial purposes; it is based on a difference in situation between people, regardless of their nationalities and backgrounds. It is justified by the need to protect public order and is proportionate to that aim.

But the difference in treatment based on the criteria of their regular resources was declared unconstitutional.

The law provisions requiring from persons circulating in France without fixed domicile or residence the justifications of uninterrupted attachment in the same town in order to be put on the voters list are contrary to the constitutional principles.


Constitutional Council, 05.10.2012, Decision n° 2012-279 QPC, http://www.conseil-constitutionnel.fr/conseil-constitutionnel/francais/les-decisions/acces-par-date/decisions-depuis-1959/2012/2012-279-qpc/decision-n-2012-279-qpc-du-05-octobre-2012.115699.html, Accessed on 28.11.2012