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On March 5th, in a televised show, Romanian Senator Dan Şova, speaking of the Romanian Holocaust, assumed the view of a historian stating that: “on the Romanian territory no Jew has had to suffer and this is due to Antonescu”. He also stated that “historical data show that in Iaşi, 24 citizens of Jewish origin were killed by soldiers from the German army, unfortunately” and that in the Iaşi massacre Romanians have not participated. [1]

The “Elie Wiesel” National Institute for the Study of Holocaust in Romania reacted, expressing their indignation as to the negationist messages of the Senator, considering that such statements:

“represent declarations which deny the Holocaust of the Jews in Romania and the responsibility of the government of the criminal Ion Antonescu for the murder of over 250,000 Romanian and Ukrainian Jews (…) This is all the more serious since the Romanian government, in June 2011, has commemorated 70 years from the Iasi pogrom (…)[2].

The Senator stated in a press statement published on his blog that he regrets if his statements were wrongly understood in the sense that he would have denied the suffering of the Jewish people and the guilt of Romanian authorities; that the anti-Jewish policies of the Antonescu regime, and the Iasi Pogrom cannot be denied by anyone; but that: “What I have tried to underline in the show was that Romanians did not want these things, but the unfortunate historical events and the Nazi policy were those which determined these events.”[3]

NGOs also reacted [4], and Romani CRISS and the Center for Monitoring and Combating Anti-Semitism filed a criminal complaint against the Senator [5] for the breach of Government Emergency Ordinance 31/2002 on the prohibition of organizations and symbols with a fascist, racist, or xenophobic character and the promotion of the cult of persons guilty of crime against peace and humanity, considering that the statements made were explicit and that the apology should have reflected regret for what he has said and not for having been wrongly interpreted or understood.

Furthermore, five months later, the current PM, leader of his party, Mr. Victor Ponta, appointed Mr. Sova Minister in his cabinet. The Jewish Community protested, but to no avail so far. [6]


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