Victims Data
Victims Nationality/Ethnic Origin N/A
Victims Gender N/A
Victims Age N/A
Victims Number N/A
Fatalities - deaths N/A
Perpetrators Data
Perpetrators Nationality/Ethnic Origin N/A
Perpetrator Gender N/A
Perpetrator Age N/A
Perpetrators Number N/A
Extremist/Organised Group Violence No

On 4th June, in Sajóhídvég (Borsod-Abaúj-Zemplén), unknown perpetrators placed racist, threatening and offensive letters in the mailboxes of 19 Roma families. The letters were photocopied, containing anti-Roma messages (“Better future and a clean, white Hungary!”, “Stinky Gypsy you will die with your entire family!”, “You will die, Gypsies, you will die!”), and had the symbols of the extreme right-wing Hungarian party, Jobbik, and of the interwar Hungarian fascist Arrow Cross Party.

The mayor of the village, Győző Takács, reported the incident to the Police Headquarters of Miskolc, and asked for police patrols in the locality. The Police have started an investigation against unknown perpetrators with charges of incitement to hatred against members of a community.

The Ministry of Human Resources and Social Integration has issued a statement in which it condemns the incident in Sajóhídvég.[1]

In a public statement issued by Jobbik, Gergő Balla MP, declared that his party had no connection with the racist letters, and that they see the event as a provocation against the organization. Also, the Jobbik has made an official complaint against the unlawful use of their party symbols.[2]


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