Victims Data
Victims Nationality/Ethnic Origin N/A
Victims Gender N/A
Victims Age N/A
Victims Number N/A
Fatalities - deaths N/A
Perpetrators Data
Perpetrators Nationality/Ethnic Origin N/A
Perpetrator Gender N/A
Perpetrator Age N/A
Perpetrators Number N/A
Extremist/Organised Group Violence No

On 25th May the memorial statue-complex dedicated to Jewish Martyrs of World War II located in the XIII. district in Budapest was vandalized. Unknown perpetrators painted Anti-Semitic messages and David-stars on the statues (the inscriptions: “This is not you country, dirty Jews”; “You will be shot into the Danube!”). The police precinct of the district reported that they have recieved several civil complaints and notifications related to the extremist inscriptions, and have started an investigation with charges of incitement against members of a community and also damage to public property, directed against unknown perpetrators.[1] The vandalizing act was publicly condemned by the Hungarian government and the MAZSIHISZ (The Union of Hungarian Jewish Communities).[2]

On 26th May, the Budapest Police issued a statement according to which, after a short and thorough investigation, they have found and arrested two male citizens in Budapest who will be held accountable for the vandalizing act perpetrated against the Jewish Martyr Memorial. Both individuals have denied the charges and refused to make a statement. [3] 


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