Victims Data
Victims Nationality/Ethnic Origin Albanian, Pakistani
Victims Gender Male
Victims Age 46-55, 56-65
Victims Number 3
Fatalities - deaths 1
Perpetrators Data
Perpetrators Nationality/Ethnic Origin Greek
Perpetrator Gender Male
Perpetrator Age 26-35
Perpetrators Number 1
Extremist/Organised Group Violence No

Shortly after 8:00 am on 29.04.2012 at Menidi, a car driver dragged a 53 year-old Albanian immigrant with his car injuring him on the leg. The accident was followed by a dispute between the car driver and eyewitnesses. The car driver left the area, coming back armed with a gun to shoot two other immigrants. He deadly injured a 58 year-old Albanian immigrant and wounded a Pakisani immigrant on the leg.

Police has started an investigation in the area of Menidi to find the car driver, who, according to eyewitnesses, is Greek.