Victims Data
Victims Nationality/Ethnic Origin Algerian, Bangladeshi, Pakistani, Polish
Victims Gender Male
Victims Age 18-25, 26-35, 36-45
Victims Number 26
Fatalities - deaths 1
Perpetrators Data
Perpetrators Nationality/Ethnic Origin Greek
Perpetrator Gender Male, Female
Perpetrator Age N/A
Perpetrators Number 73
Extremist/Organised Group Violence Yes

"Several hundred people including neo-Nazis assaulted dozens of immigrants in a working-class part of Athens today after a murder was blamed on foreigners, police said.

Riot police deployed in the Patission district and used tear gas to keep protesters away from a squatter home after the unrest that broke out following the death by stabbing of a man for his video camera.

Shouting "foreigners get out", the mob earlier attacked immigrants in the street and vandalised at least one foreign-owned shop, police said."

"The rampage came after the 44-year-old man was killed as he prepared to take his pregnant wife to the maternity hospital. Three assailants stabbed him as he was getting into his car, police said. The men, whom witnesses described as foreigners, grabbed the video camera he was carrying to film the birth of his second child" (Herald Sun, 11.05.2011).

Several assaults were reported during these incidents:

  • Assault on a migrant’s grocery store by extremists who attacked the owner and his brother with sticks and pepper spray, stole phone cards and money and provoked several damages.
  • 17 migrants were injured and hospitalised due to assaults by extremists in Victoria square (Athens).
  • Arthur Koyze, a Polish migrant, has allegedly reported that he was assaulted and robbed of his money and cell phone by five (5) extremists with brass knuckles.
  • A 30-year-old Algerian migrant, Mr. Debrij, has been wounded from a group of over 25 extremists with sticks and knives.
  • 34-year-old Moamar Elias was attacked and robbed by a group of over fourty (40) extremists leaving him with many injuries on his head and body from steel and wooden sticks.
  • Ali Asfak, a 43 year-old Pakistani migrant, was assaulted by a group of extremists during several extremist assaults in response to the murder of a 44 year-old Greek citizen in Kato Patisia (Athens). The victim left the hospital with seven (7) stiches on his head.
  • A 21 year-old Bangladeshi migrant was found dead at Kato Patisia (Athens) from  knife wound. According to the Police investigation, two unknown persons chased the victim with a motorcycle and stabbed him four times. Witnesses claim that the perpetrators were speaking Greek.
  • Two migrants were assaulted by a group of Greek locals in Rethymnon (Crete). One of them had injuries from a sharp object.