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The immigration issue has entered the political agenda in terms of danger to public health and insecurity, in view of the upcoming national elections on 6 May 2012.

The re-emergence of the immigration issue was triggered by the declaration of Citizen's Protection Minister, Mr Mihalis Chryssochoides, to build 30 detention centres for migrants throughout Greece followed by the xenophobic discourse from a big part of the political spectrum and several police controls and arrests in the Athens centre[1]. In particular, the Citizen's Protection Minister, Mr Mihalis Chryssohoides and the Minister of Health, Mr. Andreas Loverdos declared in a common press conference that "We live on a sanitary bomb ready to explode and should be treated with seriousness, responsibility, against every kind of populism."[2] On this issue, the two ministers publicized a provision that aims, among others, to establish a health certificate as a prerequisite for migrants to work [3].

Mr Antonis Samaras, the leader of New Democracy -  the major opposition party that takes part in the temporary government of Mr. Lucas Papademos - declared on this issue in a party meeting that "Our cities have been occupied by illegal immigrants. We will take them over again."[4]

In response to the "sanitary bomb" allegations, the ​Doctors of the World mentioned that "These people, by more than 60%, entered the country healthy, however, acquired diseases (such as easily transmitted tuberculosis) due to the appalling conditions that still prevail in detention centres."[5]


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