A national human rights institution in accordance with the UN-approved Paris Principles was established in Finland at the beginning of 2012. The institution will comprise of a new Human Rights Centre, the Parliamentary Ombudsman and a Human Rights Delegation. The Human Rights Centre is operationally autonomous and independent, but administratively connected to the Office of the Parliamentary Ombudsman.

The tasks of the Centre are:

  • to promote information, education, training and research concerning fundamental and human rights
  • to draft reports on implementation of fundamental and human rights
  • to present initiatives and issue statements in order to promote and implement fundamental and human rights
  • to participate in European and international cooperation associated with promoting and safeguarding fundamental and human rights
  • to take care of other comparable tasks associated with promoting and implementing fundamental and human rights

The Centre does not handle complaints. Nor may it deal with individual cases that belong to the remits of the supreme overseers of legality.

The director for the Human Rights Centre took office 1.3.2012. In addition to the director, there will be two other staff members at the Human Rights Centre. The annual appropriation for operation is currently 300000 euro.

See: http://www.oikeusasiamies.fi/Resource.phx/eoa/english/hrc/general.htx