The Equality Ombudsman reached a settlement with a landlord in Avesta who denied a woman to rent an apartment because she is Roma. According to the woman, the landlord was at first in favour of renting the apartment to the woman and her family. When she met him to look at the apartment, he quickly changed his mind after realising she was Roma. The landlord said he would first ask other tenants in the building if they would like to have a Roma as a neighbour, but after a few days, the woman declined to rent the apartment. The Equality Ombudsman investigated the complaint and determined that the landlord exposed the woman to ethnic discrimination. The Equality Ombudsman and the landlord reached an agreement awarding the woman and her children 120,000 kronor. 

Source: The Equality Ombudsman,  Settlement, Case Number: 2009/519,, 2011-04-29: