The Equality Ombudsman submitted a study about discrimination on the housing market
The Equality Ombudsman submitted a study on discrimination in the housing market to the Government. The study is based on discrimination testing and covers discrimination on grounds of gender, ethnicity, religion or other belief, disability and sexual orientation. The rental market was examined by nearly 400 phone calls to 150 tenants in 90 different locations.
Results in brief:.
• Discrimination occurred both in large cities, medium-sized cities and small towns.
• Discrimination affected the ground of ethnicity to a greater extent than the other grounds of discrimination.
• Discrimination in a more indirect sense was reflected in the studies for all the discrimination grounds but was more significant towards people with an immigrant background, Finnish Roma and Muslims in the real estate study.
• Lack of accessibility meant that people with disabilities in practice were excluded from certain residential areas.

Source: Equality Ombudsman, (20.08.2010).