The Ombudsman against Ethnic discrimination (DO) has completed it’s review of how six cleaning companies have lived up to the law against ethnic discrimination and the requirements to prevent ethnic discrimination. The review shows that several companies did not live up to the requirements according to the law but that the companies have now adopted Action plans against discrimination.
In a suit filed with the Labour Court, the ombudsman is demanding the company pay 120,00 SEK in damages. The woman was hired to work as a cleaner for the company, which is based in Anderstorp in southern Sweden. But after working for only a few days, the woman was let go. The company claimed she was fired because her choice of clothing, a long skirt, made it impossible for her to continue with the job

Source: The Equality Ombudsman (former Ombudsman against ethnic discrimination),

Tidningen för fastighetsanställdas Förbund, (Assessed 2011-12-25).