On 12 September 2008 a conference was arranged in which the focus was partly a summary of the housing project run by the DO and the issue of promoting social change in the direction of greater equality/non-discrimination. The main questions were (1) Does law, by itself, lead to social change? (2) Does mobilisation of civil society, by itself, lead to social change? (3) Does research by itself lead to social change? It was pointed out that while law, mobilisation and research seldom lead to change on their own, examining the history of the different movements indicate that the interplay of those three factors seem to have contributed to the successes made by those movements. An underlying theme was to think about why research in the field seems to be almost wholly focused on better and better analyses of the problem of discrimination while seemingly little attention is paid to the solutions. A short overview of the conference and the conclusions will be published in November 2008.

Source: Equality Ombudsman (Former Ombudsman against ethnic discrimination), http://www.do.se