A wine producer had published a job offer explicitly excluding Travellers and persons of North African origin. After hearing the employer's explanations, the HALDE concluded that the job offer constituted a discrimination offence and proposed a penal transaction.

In the second case a claimant had worked as a supervisor in a workshop on a 1-year contract. Shortly before the term of his contract, three persons had been hired to hold the same job as his. The claimant had not been informed of the hiring process and had consequently not been able to apply. Asked by the HALDE to justify his decision, the employer refused to transmit any objective information as well as the necessary documents. The HALDE consequently applied for summary judgment, which decided in the equality body's favour. After examining the required documents, the HALDE considered that the claimant had been excluded from the hiring process because of his origin. It asked the employer to offer a fair compensation for the loss caused to the claimant.

Statistical surveys on employment show that the unemployment rate of immigrants is almost twice the unemployment rate of non-immigrants.

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