Victims Data
Victims Nationality/Ethnic Origin Italian
Victims Gender Male
Victims Age 36-45, 46-55
Victims Number 5
Fatalities - deaths 2
Perpetrators Data
Perpetrators Nationality/Ethnic Origin Italian
Perpetrator Gender Male
Perpetrator Age 46-55
Perpetrators Number 1
Extremist/Organised Group Violence Yes

A right-wing extremist went on a racist shooting spree through the Italian city of Florence today, killing two Senegalese street vendors and critically wounding three others, before allegedly turning the gun on himself.

The shooter, identified as the 50-year old Gianluca Casseri from the Tuscan city of Pistoia, was associated with the right-wing organization Casa Pound, an extremist network of neo-fascists organized around a nationalist social center in Rome. CasaPound officially considers Mussolini a “point of reference”.


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