On July 2008, the High Authority against discrimination and for equality (HALDE) has posted the blog http://http:/ouvertatous.skyrock.com to young audiences. This blog aimes to:

- explain cases of discrimination ans remedies,

- give people the opportunity to get involved in the fight against discrimination.

The bloggers can respond to articles, videos and surveys by posting comments or telling their own experiences. A downloadable sticker also allows users to display their commitment to their own blog. The HALDE has launched a competition for lyrics on the blog on September, 24. This contest is relayed by a poster campaign in 11.400 middle and high schools since September 29, in partnership with the CIDEM (Civisme et Démocratie - Association for civic attitudes and democracy). In addition, a radio campagn for young people was launched on October, 6 for a period of 3 weeks.