By law 2(III)/2009 the Optional Protocol of the Convention against Torture and other Hard, Inhumane or Humiliating Treatment or Punishment was ratified, appointing the Ombudsman as the national machinery for the prevention of torture. The law authorises the Ombudsman to visit detention centres in order to monitor compliance with the Convention and to submit recommendations on policy and law reform. The Ombudsman’s access to detention centres is subject to sending a prior notification of her intended visit. The law also authorises the Ombudsman to refer to the Attorney General any allegations by detainees for human rights violations by police officers; no obligation is cast upon the Attorney General to take any action. The law contains provisions for protection from victimisation of persons supplying information to the Ombudsman as well as prohibition of disclosure of data supplied to the Ombudsman. The law does not specifically provide for an increase in the budget of the Ombudsman to enable her to carry out this additional mandate.