In April 2010 SZEMA - Szabad Emberek Magyarországért (Free Persons for Hungary) a small political organization arranged a peaceful ‘walk in kipa or headscarf’ (participating men were asked to wear kipa, women were asked to cover their head with scarves). This demonstration was a reaction to a violent anti-Semitic incident in Budapest: the windows of a Rabbi’s home were pelted with stones during seder holiday meal. The police came, but instead of taking effective measures, told the guests to take off their kipa on the street, because ‘that might be risky in Budapest.’ The aim of the march (‘walk’) through the former Jewish quarter of Budapest was to express solidarity with the Jewish community, and to protest against the irresponsibly behaviour of the police who instead of protecting the victims of the respective incident, urged them to stop wearing kipa, in order to avoid similar affairs from happening. [1]


[1] 'Kipás, kendÅ‘s séta' ['A walk in kipa or headscarf'], SZEMA, 06. 04. 2010, (Date of access: 20. 02. 2012.)