Victims Data
Victims Nationality/Ethnic Origin British
Victims Gender Male
Victims Age 26-35
Victims Number 3
Fatalities - deaths N/A
Perpetrators Data
Perpetrators Nationality/Ethnic Origin Slovenian
Perpetrator Gender Male
Perpetrator Age 18-25, 26-35
Perpetrators Number 6
Extremist/Organised Group Violence Yes

A group of six or seven men attacked a British national (hereinafter named O.M.) and two of his friends, using iron sticks. The perpetrators knew O.M. was gay. Earlier that evening the victim and his British friends were in a bar where they met a group of girls. The girls left the bar and went to a club and the British tourists went there as well, where they continued to hang out with the girls, as well as two Slovenian men. When the Slovenian men found out that O.M. was gay, their attitute towards him changed. They became verbally abusive and started asking his friends if they were gay, too. The British nationals then left the club. Three of them went for kebap where they were confronted with a group of young men, including the Slovenian man from the club, who attacked the British men with iron sticks. One of the victims reported that he was hit about ten times and that during the attack he fell to the floor covered with blood. He saw his friends were also covered with blood. All he remembered after that was the ambulance taking him to the hospital. The attack was reported to the police which is still investigating the case.




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Source of the photo: Narobe blog