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Extremist/Organised Group Violence No

A Buddhist temple under construction in Turku was the target of an arson attack on 11.9.2010. According to emergency service workers, the walls and ceiling of the building were burnt, while prompt action prevented further damage. The temple has been vandalised before also and Buddhist families have been the target of many attacks.

In the wee hours of Friday night, fire was set to the walls and ceiling of the Heart of the Lotus Buddhist temple, located in Turku’s Moisio district. On duty fire chief Marko Ahtikivi said that there were clear signs of arson on the scene.

The organisation’s deputy head declared that there would be a demand for substantial compensation from the perpetrator or perpetrators, if they were found.

Vandals have used the construction site as their playground for some time. Just weeks ago, windproofing panels on the outer walls were punctured, while a temporary altar in the building’s interior was desecrated. At the same time the perpetrators also attempted to set fire to some books. Threatening messages have also been left in the area.

“Swastika signs had been drawn on nearby traffic signs, creating a sinister effect. I don’t know whether this is related to the September 11 anniversary, or some kind of celebration but it feels rather threatening, and this makes me feel ashamed of being Finnish,” said ms Vuokko, the organisation's debuty head.

“The compassion has really been a big surprise, but these hate crimes are entirely baffling. And unfortunately we must describe these acts as hate crimes. We have no other option but to try and inspire understanding, this has been the main Buddhist strategy to bring calm to the situation,” he said.

Source: Arsonists Strike Vietnamese Buddhist Temple in Turku (11.9.2010)